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The rescue that could... with your help!

As you know, we have so much going on and couldn't do it without our community fans, website exposure, Facebook friends and your shares. Thank you for the continued support. Rescue certainly never ends and we're always working on the next emergency case. Just to name a few examples of what traumatic cases we are working on:

Zoey, the bulldog
Sky, the puppy that was almost septic, emaciated and has an infected leg
Rusty, the puppy that broke his leg and now needs amputation
Poppy, the pup whose owner decided to self-amputate an infected leg without pain medication, sedation or vet expertise receiving the prosthetic leg

and all the pups we put our hearts into treating and recently lost. Our hearts are broken but you're keeping us going.  Parvo, distemper and the tragic loss of Kohrs/Bo Jackson sometime leave us weary of how much more we can take. And then we realize what all these animals are going through so we Chive On to see if we can save the next deserving heart. 

There are several YouCaring or Go Fund Me accounts open as a method tracking. However, we are a nonprofit organization and will ensure all of your contributions go towards our rescues medical needs.  For more information on any of these rescue cases, additional details are available on our social media Facebook page as well.


Time goes by, day by day things change

Posted by Jan Siener · March 6 at 5:07pm · Edited · 

Update" Annabelle has a foster!

Time has gone by , day by day things change ! Well over a month ago. Annabelle was hit and dragged quite some distance by a car . Linda Clem Harris and Mike and Mellissa Clements stepped forward to change her life , act now rescue backed this beautiful girl and Team Schilling gave her the care and rest she needed to heal ! Mineral Area hospital was able to put forth the effort to save her leg. Thru it all , she has been a real champ . I thought she had a place to go after her recovery. She had an adopter ! But the old cliche , out of sight out of mind. , still holds true . She no longer has a foster or an adopter and will be forced to go into boarding if we cannot at least find a foster. She has won the battle! She now deserves her own place to call home. She is in St. Louis mo Please give her a place to go ! She will not do well in a kennel setting! She fought death , she wants to live and she wants what is rightfully hers ! LOVE ! Please fill out an app at to foster for adopt .

It was my Day!

Posted by Jan Siener · 17 hrs · Edited · 

It was my day ! Woke up at. 5 to the sound of crying puppies . Fed them , finally fell asleep at seven . Alarm goes off at 8:10 must be in Festus to meet Theresa and pick up tree pups at 9;30 Pull in White Castle. , see a man in truck , pull up next to him. I ask him if he has puppies for me . No but he does have a pup. At home . By the way , can I give him a Jump! But of course, no is not in my vocabulary . Soon after , around 10:00 Theresa and family show up with pups . We talk , put pups in crate and head towards St.louis . Phone rings , it is my cousin, she would like me to take her to ER. But of course ! Head towards her apartment . Phone rings ! It is Rita Lamb wondering if I will be on time to meet her at Kirkwood Petco to pick up pup she is bringing me from Fredericktown . Ok will figure this out . Take cousin to ER and head back south . Must meet someone at Petco on telegraph to give their pup a shot at 11:30 . Call Rita , tell her I will meet her at 141 and 55 to pick up pup. By the time I get there it is 11:20 . Pick up pup and head toward telegraph . Meet people , give pup shot. Now it is time (12:00) to head over to East St. Louis to pick up Wayne and his dog . Get to Waynes. Head out to mid rivers mall Petco . Get there at 1:15 . All fosters To meet me there ! Two show up. , Christina will take two , Kasi takes three. , Jess takes one . Two pups left. 3:08 head back to East St. Louis , Wayne's dog does not get adopted . Must stop by store get cat food for Wayne's cats. Then McDonald's for a quick meal , for Wayne . Drop Wayne off at his house . 4:10 head toward home . Finally make it at 4:43. . Take remaining pups and get them fed and watered . Settled in for the night. Get a shower Then take a pup to Angie for her to foster! Get home , it is 5:20 . Actually have down time . Get dressed at 6:00 walk out the door with hubby . Meeting Freinds for dinner. Have a great time , make it home by 10:10 . Jillian sends me pics of an indestructible crate that her foster has chewed up . A text from Benita , five pups and mom looking for rescue, can I help ? But of course , no , is not a word I use . Let dogs out , Danni comes out of her crate Very sick . Has been chewing on a giant rawhide . Get her settled in, go to bed and now sleep is eluding me. 3:38 I have already sprung forward! Going to be a long day! Ugh ! all for the love of a dog !