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It was my Day!

Posted by Jan Siener · 17 hrs · Edited · 

It was my day ! Woke up at. 5 to the sound of crying puppies . Fed them , finally fell asleep at seven . Alarm goes off at 8:10 must be in Festus to meet Theresa and pick up tree pups at 9;30 Pull in White Castle. , see a man in truck , pull up next to him. I ask him if he has puppies for me . No but he does have a pup. At home . By the way , can I give him a Jump! But of course, no is not in my vocabulary . Soon after , around 10:00 Theresa and family show up with pups . We talk , put pups in crate and head towards St.louis . Phone rings , it is my cousin, she would like me to take her to ER. But of course ! Head towards her apartment . Phone rings ! It is Rita Lamb wondering if I will be on time to meet her at Kirkwood Petco to pick up pup she is bringing me from Fredericktown . Ok will figure this out . Take cousin to ER and head back south . Must meet someone at Petco on telegraph to give their pup a shot at 11:30 . Call Rita , tell her I will meet her at 141 and 55 to pick up pup. By the time I get there it is 11:20 . Pick up pup and head toward telegraph . Meet people , give pup shot. Now it is time (12:00) to head over to East St. Louis to pick up Wayne and his dog . Get to Waynes. Head out to mid rivers mall Petco . Get there at 1:15 . All fosters To meet me there ! Two show up. , Christina will take two , Kasi takes three. , Jess takes one . Two pups left. 3:08 head back to East St. Louis , Wayne's dog does not get adopted . Must stop by store get cat food for Wayne's cats. Then McDonald's for a quick meal , for Wayne . Drop Wayne off at his house . 4:10 head toward home . Finally make it at 4:43. . Take remaining pups and get them fed and watered . Settled in for the night. Get a shower Then take a pup to Angie for her to foster! Get home , it is 5:20 . Actually have down time . Get dressed at 6:00 walk out the door with hubby . Meeting Freinds for dinner. Have a great time , make it home by 10:10 . Jillian sends me pics of an indestructible crate that her foster has chewed up . A text from Benita , five pups and mom looking for rescue, can I help ? But of course , no , is not a word I use . Let dogs out , Danni comes out of her crate Very sick . Has been chewing on a giant rawhide . Get her settled in, go to bed and now sleep is eluding me. 3:38 I have already sprung forward! Going to be a long day! Ugh ! all for the love of a dog !