Success Stories

The rescue that could... with your help!

As you know, we have so much going on and couldn't do it without our community fans, website exposure, Facebook friends and your shares. Thank you for the continued support. Rescue certainly never ends and we're always working on the next emergency case. Just to name a few examples of what traumatic cases we are working on:

Zoey, the bulldog
Sky, the puppy that was almost septic, emaciated and has an infected leg
Rusty, the puppy that broke his leg and now needs amputation
Poppy, the pup whose owner decided to self-amputate an infected leg without pain medication, sedation or vet expertise receiving the prosthetic leg

and all the pups we put our hearts into treating and recently lost. Our hearts are broken but you're keeping us going.  Parvo, distemper and the tragic loss of Kohrs/Bo Jackson sometime leave us weary of how much more we can take. And then we realize what all these animals are going through so we Chive On to see if we can save the next deserving heart. 

There are several YouCaring or Go Fund Me accounts open as a method tracking. However, we are a nonprofit organization and will ensure all of your contributions go towards our rescues medical needs.  For more information on any of these rescue cases, additional details are available on our social media Facebook page as well.