Acknowledgement Of Terms and Adoption Agreement

·       I will provide fresh food and water as well as dry and clean shelter for the adopted dog at all times

·       I will provide shelter from weather any time the adopted dog is outside in heat, cold, or any weather condition that may endanger health

·       I will not chain the adopted dog to a dog house, building, or any object

·       I will not house the adopted dog in a garage, dog house, or any type of outbuilding

·       I will not keep the adopted dog in a crate, kennel, or other small space (bathroom,etc.) for more than 8 hours a day (exception being when the adopter is not home)Anything over this amount of time requires, the adopter to have someone tend to the dog.

·       The adopted dog is not to be left unattended with small children at any time

·       My adopted dog will not be trained nor encouraged as personal protection in an aggressive manner

·       I will refrain from physical abuse of my adopted dog and from otherwise treating the dog in an inhumane manner

·       I agree to notify rescuer of any change of address or environment that will affect the adopted dog, or any complaint, reported to animal control, arising from said guardianship of the animal

·       In the event of health or behavioral issues, I will provide expedient and appropriate professional training help for my adopted dog

·       The adoption fee is a donation to defer veterinary costs for our rescue animals. This is a NON REFUNDABLE adoption fee.  If the adopted dog is not working out, at any time, you will contact ActNow Rescue to make arrangements for said dogs return.

Shots records, vet records, microchip tag and form, will be mailed out or provided at the time of adoption if adopter attends an adoption event at one of our Petco partner locations.

·       ActNow Rescue is not responsible for medical issues that arise after 5 days of the official adoption. During the first 5 days, if an underlying medical issue should arise, please contact the rescue at 314-605-1497 or email us immediately at the first sign of illness and the pet must be taken to one of our approved vets in order for ActNow to pay the bill. If you choose to take your adopted dog to your own vet, we will not cover the fee.

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Signature of Adopters(s)                                                                                Date

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Driver’s License# or License Plate#                                                               Dogs name

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