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Trial adoption agreement


I agree the dog on a trial adoption remains the property of Act Now Rescue until the end of trial date. And as such I agree that Act Now Rescue has the right to seize the dog should they become aware of any situation that would be in contrary to the Animal Care and Protection Act 2001, or any other legal requirement or when in the best interest of the dog. I agree that I will not sell, surrender to a shelter or other rescue the dog on a trial adoption. I agree Act Now Rescue will not be held liable for any costs incurred should the dog on a trial become involved in an altercation with another animal. I agree to provide adequate food, clean water and comfortable bedding and adequate space to accommodate the dog. I agree to provide a safe, fully enclosed area at all times which prevents the dog from escaping or any other animal obtaining access to them. I understand the dog may cause damage to my property and other properties and agree Act Now Rescue or any Act Now Rescue representative will not be held liable. I agree to pay the full adoption fee of the dog and if the trial adoption does not work out within the dates stated SUR will refund the adoption fee less $30. I understand the deduction is for associated costs, that being administration, relocation of the dog and re-advertising of the dog. I acknowledge I am able and encouraged to contact an Act Now Rescue representative for any information regarding the dog on trial. DECLARATION By signing this application, I understand and agree to the terms of the Trial Adoption Agreement. 

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